April 3rd All Events

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April 3rd, 2008 (April 03 2008)DeathHrvoje Custic, Croatian football player (born in 1983)
April 3rd, 2007 (April 03 2007)EventConventional-Train World Speed Record: a French TGV train on the LGV Est high speed line sets an official new world speed record.
April 3rd, 2007 (April 03 2007)DeathMarion Eames, Welsh novelist (born in 1921)
April 3rd, 2007 (April 03 2007)DeathEddie Robinson, American football coach (born in 1919)
April 3rd, 2007 (April 03 2007)DeathNina Wang, Asia s richest woman (born in 1937)An Wang Quotes
April 3rd, 2005 (April 03 2005)DeathTony Croatto, Italian singer (born in 1940)
April 3rd, 2004 (April 03 2004)EventIslamic terrorists involved in the 11 March 2004 Madrid attacks are trapped by the police in their apartment and kill themselves.
April 3rd, 2003 (April 03 2003)DeathMichael Kelly, American journalist (born in 1957)
April 3rd, 2002 (April 03 2002)DeathFad Gadget, English singer and musician (born in 1956)
April 3rd, 2000 (April 03 2000)EventUnited States v. Microsoft: Microsoft is ruled to have violated United States antitrust laws by keeping "an oppressive thumb" on its competitors.
April 3rd, 2000 (April 03 2000)DeathTerence McKenna, American writer and philosopher (born in 1946) Philo Quotes
April 3rd, 1999 (April 03 1999)DeathLionel Bart, English composer (Oliver!) (born in 1930)Lionel Bart Quotes
April 3rd, 1998 (April 03 1998)DeathMary Cartwright, English mathematician (born in 1900)
April 3rd, 1997 (April 03 1997)EventThalit massacre begins in Algeria; all but 1 of the 53 inhabitants of Thalit are killed by guerrillas.
April 3rd, 1996 (April 03 1996)EventSuspected "Unabomber" Theodore Kaczynski is arrested at his Montana, United States cabin.
April 3rd, 1996 (April 03 1996)EventA United States Air Force airplane carrying United States Secretary of Commerce Ron Brown crashes in Croatia, killing all 35 on board.
April 3rd, 1996 (April 03 1996)DeathRon Brown, U.S. Secretary of Commerce (born in 1941)
April 3rd, 1996 (April 03 1996)DeathCarl Stokes, Mayor of Cleveland, Ohio (born in 1927)
April 3rd, 1995 (April 03 1995)DeathAlfred J. Billes, Canadian businessman (Canadian Tire) (born in 1902)
April 3rd, 1994 (April 03 1994)DeathFrank Wells, American entertainment businessman (born in 1932)
April 3rd, 1993 (April 03 1993)BirthDakoda Dowd, American golfer
April 3rd, 1993 (April 03 1993)DeathPinky Lee, American comic and children s television host (born in 1907)Lee Child Quotes
April 3rd, 1991 (April 03 1991)DeathCharles Goren, American bridge player, writer, and columnist (born in 1901)
April 3rd, 1991 (April 03 1991)DeathGraham Greene, English writer (born in 1904)Graham Greene Quotes
April 3rd, 1990 (April 03 1990)DeathSarah Vaughan, American singer (born in 1924)
April 3rd, 1989 (April 03 1989)BirthIsrael Falou, Rugby League player
April 3rd, 1988 (April 03 1988)BirthPeter Hartley, English footballer
April 3rd, 1988 (April 03 1988)BirthTim Krul, Dutch footballer
April 3rd, 1988 (April 03 1988)DeathMilton Caniff, American cartoonist (Terry and the Pirates, Steve Canyon) (born in 1907)
April 3rd, 1987 (April 03 1987)BirthSal Zizzo, American soccer player
April 3rd, 1987 (April 03 1987)BirthJulie Sokolow, American musician
April 3rd, 1987 (April 03 1987)BirthJay Bruce, American baseball player
April 3rd, 1987 (April 03 1987)DeathTom Sestak, American football player (born in 1936)
April 3rd, 1986 (April 03 1986)BirthAmanda Bynes, American actress
April 3rd, 1986 (April 03 1986)BirthSergio Sanchez, Spanish footballer
April 3rd, 1986 (April 03 1986)DeathPeter Pears, English tenor (born in 1910)
April 3rd, 1985 (April 03 1985)BirthLeona Lewis, English singer
April 3rd, 1984 (April 03 1984)BirthJonathan Blondel, Belgian footballer
April 3rd, 1984 (April 03 1984)BirthMaxi Lopez, Argentine footballer
April 3rd, 1983 (April 03 1983)BirthErrol Barnett, English reporter
April 3rd, 1982 (April 03 1982)EventGreat Britain sends a naval task force to the south Atlantic to reclaim the disputed Falkland Islands from Argentina.
April 3rd, 1982 (April 03 1982)BirthFler, German rapper
April 3rd, 1982 (April 03 1982)BirthJared Allen, American football player
April 3rd, 1982 (April 03 1982)BirthIain Fyfe, Australian soccer player
April 3rd, 1982 (April 03 1982)BirthKasumi Nakane, Japanese gravure idol
April 3rd, 1982 (April 03 1982)BirthCobie Smulders, Canadian actress
April 3rd, 1982 (April 03 1982)DeathWarren Oates, American character actor (born in 1928)
April 3rd, 1981 (April 03 1981)BirthHeath Ramsay, Australian Olympic swimmer
April 3rd, 1981 (April 03 1981)BirthAaron Bertram, American musician
April 3rd, 1981 (April 03 1981)BirthMatthew Nash, Australian soccer player
April 3rd, 1981 (April 03 1981)DeathJuan Trippe, Airline entrepreneur and pioneer, Pan Am founder (born in 1899)
April 3rd, 1978 (April 03 1978)BirthTommy Haas, German tennis player
April 3rd, 1978 (April 03 1978)BirthMatthew Goode, English actor
April 3rd, 1978 (April 03 1978)BirthJohn Smit, South African rugby player
April 3rd, 1978 (April 03 1978)DeathRay Noble, English bandleader and composer (born in 1903)
April 3rd, 1976 (April 03 1976)BirthDrew Shirley, American musician
April 3rd, 1976 (April 03 1976)BirthWill Mellor, English actor
April 3rd, 1975 (April 03 1975)EventBobby Fischer refuses to play in a chess match against Anatoly Karpov, giving Karpov the title of World Champion by default.Bobby Fischer Quotes
April 3rd, 1975 (April 03 1975)BirthMichael Olowokandi, Nigerian basketball player
April 3rd, 1975 (April 03 1975)BirthAries Spears, American comedian
April 3rd, 1975 (April 03 1975)BirthMickey Beyer Clausen, Danish entrepreneur and philanthropist
April 3rd, 1975 (April 03 1975)BirthShawn Bates, American ice hockey player
April 3rd, 1975 (April 03 1975)BirthKoji Uehara, Japanese professional baseball pitcher
April 3rd, 1975 (April 03 1975)BirthYoshinobu Takahashi, Japanese professional baseball player
April 3rd, 1975 (April 03 1975)DeathMary Ure, Scottish actress (born in 1933)
April 3rd, 1974 (April 03 1974)EventThe Super Outbreak occurs, the biggest tornado outbreak in recorded history. The death toll is 315, with nearly 5,500 injured.
April 3rd, 1973 (April 03 1973)EventThe first portable cell phone call is made in New York City, United States.
April 3rd, 1973 (April 03 1973)BirthMatthew Ferguson, Canadian actor
April 3rd, 1973 (April 03 1973)BirthJamie Bamber, English actor
April 3rd, 1972 (April 03 1972)BirthJennie Garth, American actress
April 3rd, 1972 (April 03 1972)BirthSandrine Testud, French Top-10 tennis player
April 3rd, 1972 (April 03 1972)DeathFerde Grofe, American composer (born in 1882)
April 3rd, 1971 (April 03 1971)BirthPicabo Street, American alpine ski champion
April 3rd, 1971 (April 03 1971)DeathJoseph Valachi, American gangster (born in 1904)
April 3rd, 1969 (April 03 1969)EventVietnam War: U.S. Secretary of Defense Melvin Laird announces that the United States will start to "Vietnamize" the war effort.
April 3rd, 1969 (April 03 1969)BirthLance Storm, Canadian professional wrestler
April 3rd, 1968 (April 03 1968)EventMartin Luther King Jr. delivers his "I ve Been to the Mountaintop" speech.Martin Luther Quotes
April 3rd, 1968 (April 03 1968)BirthSebastian Bach, Canadian musician
April 3rd, 1968 (April 03 1968)BirthCharlotte Coleman, English actress (died in 2001)
April 3rd, 1968 (April 03 1968)BirthJamie Hewlett, English illustrator
April 3rd, 1967 (April 03 1967)BirthBrent Gilchrist, Canadian ice hockey player
April 3rd, 1967 (April 03 1967)BirthMark Skaife, Australian racing driver
April 3rd, 1966 (April 03 1966)BirthMina Tominaga, Japanese seiyu (voice actress)
April 3rd, 1966 (April 03 1966)BirthJohn de Vries, Australian racing driver
April 3rd, 1965 (April 03 1965)BirthNazia Hassan, South Asian pop singer (d.2000)
April 3rd, 1965 (April 03 1965)DeathErnst Kirchweger, Austrian communist and resistance fighter (born 1897 or 1898)
April 3rd, 1964 (April 03 1964)BirthBjarne Riis, Danish cyclist
April 3rd, 1964 (April 03 1964)BirthAndy Robinson, English rugby player
April 3rd, 1963 (April 03 1963)BirthCriss Oliva, American musician (died in 1993)
April 3rd, 1963 (April 03 1963)BirthJack Del Rio, American football coach
April 3rd, 1963 (April 03 1963)BirthTsuyoshi Sekito, Japanese composer
April 3rd, 1962 (April 03 1962)BirthMike Ness, American musician
April 3rd, 1962 (April 03 1962)BirthJennifer Rubin, American actress
April 3rd, 1961 (April 03 1961)BirthEddie Murphy, American actor and comedian
April 3rd, 1960 (April 03 1960)BirthArjen Anthony Lucassen, Dutch musician
April 3rd, 1960 (April 03 1960)BirthMarie Denise Pelletier, Quebec singer
April 3rd, 1959 (April 03 1959)BirthDavid Hyde Pierce, American actor
April 3rd, 1958 (April 03 1958)BirthAlec Baldwin, American actor
April 3rd, 1958 (April 03 1958)BirthJaya Prada, Indian Actress
April 3rd, 1956 (April 03 1956)EventHudsonville-Standale Tornado: The western half of the Lower Peninsula of Michigan is struck by a deadly F5 tornado.
April 3rd, 1956 (April 03 1956)BirthMiguel Bose, Spanish musician and actor
April 3rd, 1956 (April 03 1956)BirthRay Combs, American game show host and comedian (died in 1996)
April 3rd, 1956 (April 03 1956)BirthBoris Miljkovic, Serbian director
April 3rd, 1955 (April 03 1955)EventThe American Civil Liberties Union announces it will defend Allen Ginsberg s book Howl against obscenity charges.
April 3rd, 1954 (April 03 1954)BirthElisabetta Brusa, Italian composer
April 3rd, 1953 (April 03 1953)BirthCraig Taubman, Jewish singer
April 3rd, 1952 (April 03 1952)BirthMike Moore, American politician and attorney
April 3rd, 1952 (April 03 1952)DeathMiina Sillanpaa, Finnish politician, first female Finnish minister (born in 1866)
April 3rd, 1951 (April 03 1951)BirthMel Schacher, American musician
April 3rd, 1950 (April 03 1950)BirthSally Thomsett, English actress
April 3rd, 1950 (April 03 1950)DeathCarter G. Woodson, African-American historian, author, journalist and founder of Black History Month (born in 1875)
April 3rd, 1950 (April 03 1950)DeathKurt Weill, German composer (born in 1900)
April 3rd, 1949 (April 03 1949)BirthLyle Alzado, American football player (died in 1992)
April 3rd, 1949 (April 03 1949)BirthRichard Thompson, English musician and songwriter
April 3rd, 1949 (April 03 1949)BirthAnthony Grayling, British philosopher Philo Quotes
April 3rd, 1948 (April 03 1948)EventPresident Harry S. Truman signs the Marshall Plan, authorizing $5 billion in aid for 16 countries.Harry S. Truman Quotes
April 3rd, 1948 (April 03 1948)EventIn Jeju, South Korea, a civil-war-like period of violence and human rights abuses begins, known as the Jeju massacre.
April 3rd, 1948 (April 03 1948)BirthArlette Cousture, French-Canadian writer
April 3rd, 1948 (April 03 1948)BirthCarlos Salinas, President of Mexico
April 3rd, 1946 (April 03 1946)EventJapanese Lt. General Masaharu Homma is executed in the Philippines for leading the Bataan Death March.
April 3rd, 1946 (April 03 1946)BirthHanna Suchocka, Poland s first female prime minister
April 3rd, 1946 (April 03 1946)BirthMarisa Paredes, Spanish actress
April 3rd, 1945 (April 03 1945)BirthBernard Parent, Quebec ice hockey player
April 3rd, 1945 (April 03 1945)BirthCatherine Spaak, French actress
April 3rd, 1944 (April 03 1944)BirthTony Orlando, American musician
April 3rd, 1943 (April 03 1943)BirthJonathan Lynn, British actor and comedy writer
April 3rd, 1943 (April 03 1943)BirthMario Lavista, Mexican composer
April 3rd, 1943 (April 03 1943)BirthRichard Manuel, Canadian musician and songwriter (died in 1986)
April 3rd, 1943 (April 03 1943)BirthDoreen Tracey, English-born Mouseketeer
April 3rd, 1943 (April 03 1943)DeathConrad Veidt, German actor (born in 1893)
April 3rd, 1942 (April 03 1942)EventWorld War II: Japanese forces begin an assault on the United States and Filipino troops on the Bataan Peninsula.
April 3rd, 1942 (April 03 1942)BirthMarsha Mason, American actress
April 3rd, 1942 (April 03 1942)BirthWayne Newton, American singer
April 3rd, 1942 (April 03 1942)BirthMarek Perepeczko, Polish actor (died in 2005)
April 3rd, 1942 (April 03 1942)BirthBilly Joe Royal, American singer
April 3rd, 1941 (April 03 1941)BirthJan Berry, American musician (died in 2004)
April 3rd, 1941 (April 03 1941)BirthCarl Boenish, American father of BASE jumping (died in 1984)
April 3rd, 1941 (April 03 1941)BirthEric Braeden, German-born actor
April 3rd, 1941 (April 03 1941)BirthPhilippe Wynne, American musician (died in 1984)
April 3rd, 1939 (April 03 1939)BirthFrancois de Roubaix, French film score composer (died in 1975)
April 3rd, 1938 (April 03 1938)BirthJeff Barry, American songwriter and record producer
April 3rd, 1936 (April 03 1936)EventBruno Richard Hauptmann is executed for the kidnapping and death of Charles Augustus Lindbergh II, the baby son of pilot Charles Lindbergh.
April 3rd, 1936 (April 03 1936)BirthScott LaFaro, American musician (died in 1961)
April 3rd, 1936 (April 03 1936)BirthJimmy McGriff, American jazz organist
April 3rd, 1936 (April 03 1936)DeathBruno Hauptmann, German killer of Charles Lindbergh III (born in 1899)
April 3rd, 1934 (April 03 1934)BirthJane Goodall, English zoologist
April 3rd, 1932 (April 03 1932)DeathWilhelm Ostwald, German chemist, Nobel Prize laureate (born in 1853)
April 3rd, 1930 (April 03 1930)BirthLawton Chiles, U.S. (Florida) Senator and Governor (died in 1998)
April 3rd, 1930 (April 03 1930)BirthHelmut Kohl, Chancellor of Germany
April 3rd, 1930 (April 03 1930)BirthWally Moon, American baseball player
April 3rd, 1930 (April 03 1930)DeathEmma Albani, Canadian soprano (born in 1847)
April 3rd, 1929 (April 03 1929)EventRMS Queen Mary is ordered from John Brown & Company Shipbuilding and Engineering by Cunard Line.
April 3rd, 1929 (April 03 1929)BirthLee Leonard, American television personality
April 3rd, 1928 (April 03 1928)BirthDon Gibson, American country musician (died in 2003)
April 3rd, 1928 (April 03 1928)BirthKevin Hagen, American actor (died in 2005)
April 3rd, 1928 (April 03 1928)BirthJennifer Paterson, English chef and TV personality (died in 1999)
April 3rd, 1926 (April 03 1926)BirthAlex Grammas, American baseball player
April 3rd, 1926 (April 03 1926)BirthGus Grissom, American astronaut (died in 1967)
April 3rd, 1925 (April 03 1925)BirthTony Benn, British politicianTony Benn Quotes
April 3rd, 1924 (April 03 1924)BirthMarlon Brando, American actor (died in 2004)Marlon Brando Quotes
April 3rd, 1924 (April 03 1924)BirthDoris Day, American actress
April 3rd, 1922 (April 03 1922)EventJoseph Stalin becomes the first General Secretary of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union.Joseph Stalin Quotes
April 3rd, 1921 (April 03 1921)BirthRobert Karvelas, American actor (died in 1991)
April 3rd, 1921 (April 03 1921)BirthDario Moreno, Turkish-Jewish singer and songwriter (died in 1968)
April 3rd, 1921 (April 03 1921)BirthJan Sterling, American actress (died in 2004)
April 3rd, 1920 (April 03 1920)BirthJohn Demjanjuk, Ukrainian-born American auto worker, alleged Nazi
April 3rd, 1920 (April 03 1920)BirthStan Freeman, American composer and lyricist (died in 2001)
April 3rd, 1918 (April 03 1918)BirthLouis Applebaum, Canadian composer, conductor and administrator (died in 2000)
April 3rd, 1917 (April 03 1917)EventVladimir Lenin arrives in Russia from exile, marking the beginning of Bolshevik leadership in the Russian Revolution.Vladimir Lenin Quotes
April 3rd, 1916 (April 03 1916)BirthHerb Caen, American newspaper columnist (died in 1997)
April 3rd, 1913 (April 03 1913)BirthPer Borten, Premier of Norway (died in 2005)
April 3rd, 1905 (April 03 1905)BirthRobert Frederick Sink, United States Army Officer (died in 1965)
April 3rd, 1904 (April 03 1904)BirthIron Eyes Cody, American actor (died in 1999)
April 3rd, 1904 (April 03 1904)BirthRussel Wright, American industrial designer (died in 1976)
April 3rd, 1901 (April 03 1901)DeathRichard D Oyly Carte, British impresario (born in 1844)
April 3rd, 1899 (April 03 1899)BirthDavid Jack, English footballer (died in 1958)
April 3rd, 1898 (April 03 1898)BirthGeorge Jessel, American comedian (died in 1981)George Jessel Quotes
April 3rd, 1898 (April 03 1898)BirthHenry Luce, American publisher (died in 1967)
April 3rd, 1897 (April 03 1897)DeathJohannes Brahms, German composer (born in 1833)
April 3rd, 1895 (April 03 1895)EventTrial of the libel case instigated by Oscar Wilde begins, eventually resulting in his imprisonment on charges of homosexuality.Oscar Wilde Quotes
April 3rd, 1895 (April 03 1895)BirthMario Castelnuovo-Tedesco, Italian composer (died in 1968)
April 3rd, 1893 (April 03 1893)BirthLeslie Howard, English actor (died in 1943)
April 3rd, 1893 (April 03 1893)BirthPrincess Maud of Fife (died in 1945)
April 3rd, 1889 (April 03 1889)BirthGrigoras Dinicu, Romanian composer and violinist (died in 1949)
April 3rd, 1885 (April 03 1885)EventGottlieb Daimler is granted a German patent for his engine design.
April 3rd, 1885 (April 03 1885)BirthAllan Dwan, Canadian-born American film director (died in 1981)
April 3rd, 1885 (April 03 1885)BirthBud Fisher, American cartoonist (died in 1954)
April 3rd, 1882 (April 03 1882)EventAmerican Old West: Outlaw Jesse James is killed by Robert Ford.
April 3rd, 1882 (April 03 1882)DeathJesse James, American outlaw (born in 1847)
April 3rd, 1881 (April 03 1881)BirthAlcide De Gasperi, Prime Minister of Italy (died in 1954)
April 3rd, 1880 (April 03 1880)BirthOtto Weininger, Austrian philosopher (died in 1903) Philo Quotes
April 3rd, 1868 (April 03 1868)DeathFranz Berwald, Swedish composer and inventor (born in 1796)
April 3rd, 1865 (April 03 1865)EventAmerican Civil War: Union forces capture Richmond, Virginia, the capital of the Confederate States of America.
April 3rd, 1860 (April 03 1860)EventThe first successful United States Pony Express run from Saint Joseph, Missouri to Sacramento, California begins.
April 3rd, 1849 (April 03 1849)DeathJuliusz Slowacki, Polish poet (born in 1809)
April 3rd, 1834 (April 03 1834)EventThe generals in the Greek War of Independence stand trial for treason.
April 3rd, 1827 (April 03 1827)DeathErnst Chladni, German physicist (born in 1756)
April 3rd, 1823 (April 03 1823)BirthWilliam Marcy Tweed, American political boss (died in 1878)
April 3rd, 1822 (April 03 1822)BirthEdward Everett Hale, American writer (died in 1909)Edward Vere Quotes
April 3rd, 1821 (April 03 1821)BirthT. Pelham Dale, Anglican clergyman prosecuted for Ritualist practices in the 1870s (died in 1892)
April 3rd, 1814 (April 03 1814)BirthLorenzo Snow, 5th president of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (the LDS or Mormon Church) (died in 1901) Jesus Christ Quotes
April 3rd, 1806 (April 03 1806)BirthIvan Kireevsky, Russian literary critic and philosopher (died in 1856) Philo Quotes
April 3rd, 1804 (April 03 1804)DeathJedrzej Kitowicz, Polish priest (born in 1727/1728)
April 3rd, 1792 (April 03 1792)DeathGeorge Pocock, British admiral (born in 1706)
April 3rd, 1783 (April 03 1783)BirthWashington Irving, American author (died in 1859)Washington Irving Quotes
April 3rd, 1770 (April 03 1770)BirthTheodoros Kolokotronis, Greek general (died in 1843)
April 3rd, 1769 (April 03 1769)BirthChristian Gunther von Bernstorff, Danish and Prussian statesman and diplomat (died in 1835)
April 3rd, 1764 (April 03 1764)BirthJohn Abernathy, English surgeon (died in 1831)
April 3rd, 1728 (April 03 1728)DeathJames Anderson, Scottish lawyer (born in 1662)
April 3rd, 1717 (April 03 1717)DeathJacques Ozanam, French mathematician (born in 1640)
April 3rd, 1715 (April 03 1715)BirthWilliam Watson, English physician and scientist (died in 1787)William Watson Quotes
April 3rd, 1695 (April 03 1695)DeathMelchior d Hondecoeter, Dutch painter (born in circa 1636)
April 3rd, 1693 (April 03 1693)BirthGeorge Edwards, English naturalist (died in 1773)
April 3rd, 1691 (April 03 1691)DeathJean Petitot, Swiss enamel painter (born in 1608)
April 3rd, 1683 (April 03 1683)BirthMark Catesby, English naturalist (died in 1749)
April 3rd, 1682 (April 03 1682)DeathBartolome Esteban Murillo, Spanish painter (born in 1618)
April 3rd, 1680 (April 03 1680)DeathShivaji, founder of the Maratha Empire, India (born in 1630)
April 3rd, 1643 (April 03 1643)BirthCharles V, Duke of Lorraine, general of the Holy Roman Empire (died in 1690)
April 3rd, 1606 (April 03 1606)DeathCharles Blount, 1st Earl of Devon, English politician (born in 1563) Devo Quotes
April 3rd, 1593 (April 03 1593)BirthGeorge Herbert, English poet and orator (died in 1633)George Herbert Quotes
April 3rd, 1559 (April 03 1559)EventThe Peace of Cateau-Cambresis treaty is signed, ending the Italian Wars.
April 3rd, 1529 (April 03 1529)BirthMichael Neander, German mathematician and astronomer (died in 1581)
April 3rd, 1367 (April 03 1367)BirthKing Henry IV of England (died in 1413)
April 3rd, 1350 (April 03 1350)DeathEudes IV, Duke of Burgundy (born in 1295)
April 3rd, 1287 (April 03 1287)DeathPope Honorius IV, Pope for two years from 1285 to 1287 (born in circa 1210)
April 3rd, 1151 (April 03 1151)BirthIgor Svyatoslavich, Ukrainian prince (died in 1202)
April 3rd, 1077 (April 03 1077)EventThe first Parliament of Friuli is created.
April 3rd, 1043 (April 03 1043)EventEdward the Confessor is crowned King of England.
April 3rd, 0963 (April 03 0963)DeathWilliam III, Duke of Aquitaine (born in 915)

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